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Our Mission is to provide efficient and Friendly service to all customers with a compliance to Government Principles.


Teachers and principals were congratulated for their achievements in educational excellence in the year 2016..


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We from ancient time considered that Education is a treasure and after so many experiments there is a developed education system in the country to day. The advancement of technology especially in the field of Information and communication technology has immensely influenced the system in many ways. It is greatly facilitated to widen the dissemination of knowledge in the world ushering a learning society & On the other hand the sri lankan government is marching towards e-government with a service to every ones door-step. The zonal education office-Mathugama in keeping with the policy has established this web site to be a part of e-government.

««  Mr. D.M.L.P.Dissanayaka. (Zonal Director)   »».